The Death Knell for eBay Blogs!

I read this week on the announcement boards that eBay is pulling the plug on one facet of its attempt at social networking – eBay Blogs. While the Boy Scout community will not rise up and cry for the death knell of this feature it did get me to thinking. What else over on eBay might be a useful thing to check out that most of us have long forgotten about? So I went over and dug around and came up with some suggestions.


For starters I did make one post last year in my own eBay Blog and this post will disappear on Halloween along with all the other eBay Blogs!


Nov 1998 – Nov 2008 Ten Years on eBay for the Santeeswapper


The thing I would like to feature in this post are eBay Guides. These user generated guides can be very helpful and some are really nicely done. I’ve read through most of them and picked out a few to share.


Collecting Boy Scout Postcards From The United States


With more than one hundred thousand US Boy Scout postcards to choose from, this guide will help the beginning collector focus on building a truly unique, personal, and interesting collection.


Collecting Boy Scout Handbooks Guide


Collecting Boy Scout Handbooks has become quite popular over the past several decades. There are many websites and several books available to assist collectors, buyers and sellers. This guide is designed to answer some frequently asked questions for Ebay users.


Boy Scout Cigarette Cards (Collectibles)


It would be impractical to list every Boy Scout set issued and so I’ve listed small selection of mainly the more unusual and rare card sets that I’ve come across in my six years of dealing on eBay. I’ve provided scans of a sample card from each set and tried to include all card titles.


How to List a Scout Embroidered Patch – some easy tips


Some simple and basic tips on how to list a patch




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