Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 26, 2018


This morning I’m going to fill a Best Hobby Pages order for a lodge trading post! I had a talk with one of the advisers on the phone who was lamenting that patch trading seems to have faded in his lodge. One way they are fighting back is to sell the BHP 6p Scout pages in their Trading Post.


Saturday I’m going to spend the afternoon at my home lodge fall fellowship. I don’t think I have been able to make a lodge event since early in 2018 so I am excited to go. I’ve had to check off a long list of honey dos in order to get my pass.


Despite the fact that I have not visited my antique mall booth in months October has been a successful one for me. Maybe people are dressing as 1970s era Boy Scouts for Halloween? I’m going out there today despite the rainy weather to clean up and check on it.


Although I won’t be there during prime patch trading time I am going to bring a few patches. There is one Scouter in my lodge who is interested in JSPs from that council and so I want to show him what’s in my collection. There are another couple of guys that are thread heads (hello Nathan) that I have not seen in some time.


I have already received the first TOR reservation for the Charlotte TOR in April. We got the flyer out with about six months lead time which is just about right. A late comer for those in my neck of the woods is Santee Lodge 116 is bringing back their Saturday only event held prior to the lodge banquet. This one will be in Myrtle Beach, SC (book a room with an indoor lazy river!) and is a great idea. The details are in the calendar below.




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