Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 28, 2018


I also got an update on the Santee Lodge 116 TOR that will take place the first Saturday of 2019. What better place to hold a 1-day show than Myrtle Beach, SC in January. I know at first you might say wait you can’t go in the ocean in January! But the truth is there are sooo many hotels that have rooms you can get a great rates. Several hotels have indoor lazy rivers. Heck my family likes to go to one that has a complete indoor water park. So you tell your spouse hey let’s go to the beach for 1-night and you and kids can swim in the pool while I play with patches.


I heard news of an interesting model that the lodge will use to generate cash flow and help with some accounting. They sell an all event pass (many lodge do this now) that allows you to pay one yearly fee and be registered for all lodge events at a discount. Starting in 2019 you can also preorder your event patches and lodge flaps (restricted 2 per year) and get the whole order at Winter Banquet on January 5th. Sounds a little crazy to have the event patches in your collection months before it happens but also sounds super convenient for a collector.


My lodge has an interesting rule on flaps these days. We have a standard totem flap that is 1 per event. But with national OA relaxing the prohibition on OBV sets we also have a set of those. These are restricted to 2 per year. So it might be unique to have basically two sets of flaps being issued simultaneously.


I have 183 live auctions on eBay with most of those featuring OA flaps. Included in this fun is the beginnings of me listing over 2000 OA flaps that I’ve been sitting on for over a year now. I’m starting all those at a low minimum bid and letting the auctions end where they will.


Next week I only have Scout commitments on 3/5 nights during the week. Now if I could just get paid mileage for all this volunteering I could retire early. 🙂




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