Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 30, 2020



This afternoon I’m driving to Camp Coker to participate in the Santee Lodge Fall Fellowship. Tonight we have a Preordeal ceremony and the Vigil. It has been probably 3 years since I’ve been able to attend a fellowship. In that time I’ve had so many Scouting weekends with my son’s packs, daughter’s troop and Camp Barstow. I’m still not sure how I got my wife to agree for me to go but I do have to be home in time for trick or treat Saturday.


If you don’t subscribe to Patch-L you may have missed a great opportunity that Chris Jensen and Rob Higgins have collaborated on. Rob got a copy of the OA Conclave book that Chris co-authored a couple decades ago and digitized it. Now you can download this cleaned up PDF for free from Chris told me he is going to get all of his old books converted over and perhaps reach into the archive to get some other hobby reference books similarly available.


I got an email from someone yesterday asking if I knew of any TORs within 100 miles of Charlotte, NC coming up. I think the fact that Larry Lane has driven this week from eastern NC to Utah in order to attend a TOR should answer that question. I am still crushed about Indy cancelling but we will just have to ride this thing out for a little while longer.


I have 292 live auctions ending on eBay including a big run of nice OA pieces on Sunday. My strategy for months now has been to run 25 auctions starting and ending every day. Whether that is an eBay ninja trick or not I don’t know. But I do know that putting new inventory in your store is always a good idea!


Sunday we are going to in person (indoors) church for the first time since March. I know that among all the aspects of life that COVID has affected it has really been this part of my familie’s life that has been totally detailed the last 7 months. We tried online zoom church and never got the same connection that being in a quiet place together brings with a congregation. I know that after Tuesday the world might be a little crazy so I’m looking forward to the calm before the storm.




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