Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 27, 2020



I am buying a small collection today at a field hockey game! I reached out to a guy via FB and we eventually settled on him driving over to Charlotte to let me buy a box of stuff from him. The timing worked out where during the 30 minutes that my daughter will be warming up before her game starts I will be in the parking lot making a deal. 🙂


This is a “twofer” week when it comes to collections. Sunday I’m driving down to SC to look at another collection. Guys in my area get nervous when I say that so let me just say it’s not one of those people that you’ve been talking to on and off again for years. This is actually one of the collections I mentioned where somebody reached out to me via eBay while he was researching his dad’s stuff.


This weekend I’m headed to an OA fellowship that will have an unusual set up. Skyuka Lodge is holding their fellowship on one side of the camp and Santee Lodge on the other. Due to COVID the participants are not supposed to mix between the two groups. I laughed when I was told the main push back on that plan was the cloth hounds who said “how are we supposed to trade patches?”


I have almost 300 live auctions on eBay right now. Many of these are from a consignment collection that has flaps traded for during NOACs and Jamborees 20+ years ago. You never know some of these issues can now be hard to find so I’ve got them up for auction in case two bidders want to go at it.


On a personal note some of you will appreciate this bit of good news. After moving away from Lumberton, NC over 4 years ago we are finally selling our house there. During that time the town suffered two devastating hurricanes (flooding). So when the time came that the house was going to be vacant we listed it for sale and got an offer in the first week. There is a bit of regret in closing the book on the 18 years that we spent there fresh out of college and starting our family. But time roles on and so it’s time to close that chapter of our lives.




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