Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 15, 2017

In the last issue I mentioned that I would have an exciting summer job in 2018. Friday night Doug Stone the IWC Scout Executive announced that I would be serving as the Camp Director of Camp Barstow. Saturday I spent the day at camp talking to the Camping Committee chairman and meeting a lot of the key people. This is going to be a challenge and an adventure that I’m really excited about.

Most of you know me as a patch guy. Why not – I haven’t worked at a Scout camp in many years. However, going back my first job was at a Scout camp when I was 15. Then over the next part of my life I worked a total of 10 summers at 4 different camps. That stint included working at Camp Barstow as program director back in 1997. All told I’ve spent over a solid year of my life (365 nights+) at a Boy Scout summer camp.

This is the beauty of running an online business in this day and age. I can make arrangements to have the business keep running while I’m away. Yes I’ll have to turn the setting down to simmer but the summer months leading into a NOAC have always been the slowest time in this hobby. I’ve got an employee who will keep orders shipped. I think the term they use in Silicon Valley is this is a lifestyle business. But rather than spend my time traveling I’d much rather spend my summer at a Boy Scout camp.

I have a whole bunch of auctions running on eBay now including JSPs and other shoulder patches. Many of these are listed for 1/5 of the book value just looking to get a minimum bid.




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