Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 05, 2021



Earlier this year I bought a used Dodge Grand Caravan that my friend Collin nicknamed the Patch Wagon to use in my business. This morning as many of you are reading this I am sitting in the Dodge dealership getting a check engine light looked at. Hopefully it’s just something minor but my local mechanic said it could be nothing much or something bad so he suggested I drag it do the dealership. Wish me luck!
For those that have been following along on my camp promotion adventure I got home around 2 PM Monday. All together Matthew Delk and I traveled 1615 miles in a car to make a lap around the bottom of the Florida peninsula and back home. We had some great conversations with units down in the SWFC and SFC which hopefully will result in us getting some registrations soon for Camp Barstow.
My next project to tackle is some bookkeeping that is overdue for tax purposes. I am going to tell myself until that is done I can’t do any of the fun stuff like opening up some of the small collections I’ve recently gotten in or listing more stuff for sale.
I have 184 live auctions on eBay mostly focused on OA issues. By the end of the week I plan on pushing my total store number to 50k live listings. I’ve got a ton of stuff ready to proof and get up on the site and I’m only about 600 items shy of that goal right now.
Yesterday I talked to the Santee Lodge adviser who confirmed that the LEC is going to put me on the schedule to do a memorabilia history talk at our upcoming Fall Fellowship. I haven’t done one of these in years and I’m hoping it will coincide with Nathan Kohler and I updating our lodge memorabilia book.



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