Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 06, 2020


Today I will be getting fresh inventory up on eBay. Over the last few weeks I’ve got several boxes of OA, Jamboree etc scanned and ready to go. As one person commented on Facebook today, “you have to treat it like a job” so I will be punching the clock and listing all day.


Do you have this mentality? Last night while walking the dogs with my wife we saw a neighbor had put out a bunch of stuff including some really nice mountain bikes. In my head I instantly think “hmmm I could really use a bike to ride at camp next summer”. So I go home check to make sure it’s not just a Wal-Mart store brand on the Internet. I don’t know if a Giro bike is super but of course I walked back down there to get it and today I hope to get it fixed up for a bike ride.


Once again I want to thank Josh Ammons who sent me an article to share on my website CarolinaOA.com. His post shares the story behind the Atta Kulla Kulla #185 LLDC patches. I continue to say collectors have to share their knowledge if we want to preserve and grow the hobby.


I am running 252 auctions this week with OA conclaves for the next several days and a nice group of 100+ OA flaps ending on Sunday. I have grown my eBay store to just over 32k items. I still need to expand into some untapped categories but there is plenty on the shelf to list for months to come.


I did get to meet a Hot Finds reader (from GA) at the camp shows I attended recently. It’s a fun hobby and being able to shake the hand of a fellow patch hound always puts a smile on my face.




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