Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 13, 2020


Well just to fill you in it was like a miracle. With the remnants of Delta drenching the east coast on Sunday about 2 hours before our Open House started the clouds parted and we had blue skies during the entire 4-hour event. Later that night on my back to Charlotte there was a tornado watch. So literally you can see that the good Lord smiled on Camp Barstow Sunday.


With missing the Friday Hot Finds I never got to share with you the interesting experience I had Thursday night. We took part in a virtual camp expo with 30 other BSA camps. Each camp had a 10 minute window to pitch and in a zoom and we had to repeat it 6 times with different Scouters popping in and out. Talk about speed dating!


In the patch world I’ve seen some interesting new ways that people are trying to move big lots. Some guys are posting 50-75 items from a single lodge and trying to get hundreds for it. I can tell you that is a much more effective way to move things than selling them individually so I might try that out myself.


This week on eBay I have 276 auctions running including conclaves, JSPs and flaps. Every night this week I have 25 auctions ending and then Sunday night over 100 are closing.


I got an email from the antique mall where my booth is located telling the vendors it’s time to get our booths ready for holiday shoppers. Since I sell old Scout books, patches and t-shirts I don’t exactly know what I’ll do different. But it’s probably past due for me to go out there with an SUV full of new material to stock the shelves.




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