Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 04, 2020



There is a nice community among the camp directors and professional Scouters who are in the camp game. I got to catch up with some of them this weekend. A few guys have been working at the same camps for years and years. This will be my 4th at Camp Barstow. Yes I count 2020 as one of my years because I did everything getting ready up until we were forced to pull the plug in May.


I have heard some rumors down here that the next 12 months is going to get a little bumpy. Some of the councils that normally send representatives to this event choose not to. When I asked around as to why the hunch was that maybe a few are planning to merge or not operate a camp in 2021. I hope that is not true but time will tell and more than anything we have to get on the other side of this bankruptcy.


As for patches I am recycling some back into the hands of Scouts down here. Years ago I bought the collection of the old Camp Barstow ranger. In there were bags of Barstow patches from the 80s and 90s during his tenure. So I have a sack full that each Scout gets to reach their hand down into and pull one out. Scouts love patches!


This weekend I went overboard on auctions. I have over 200 auctions ending tonight which is ironic because I will still be in the car driving when they close. I suppose I’ll hear the eBay notification for a sale over my GPS instructions. Its a long way from Fort Lauderdale to Charlotte.


It does the soul some good to see so many Scouts this weekend eager to have a week long adventure at a summer camp. I even spoke to a group from a Sea Scout Ship which as you know are kinda rare in the Boy Scout world.






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