Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 11, 2022



It’s TOR week and my head is spinning with everything that has to happen over the next two days. Last night I visited the Scout troop at my church that is running the concessions for the event. I was able to give them some seed money for their operation from the table rental fees we have collected. The rest of the table money is for the Cub Pack so we try and make it a good fundraiser for the local units.


I am also dealing with some head aches at the warehouse that have eaten up two days for me and promise to be a thorn going forward. But I’ve got everything back up and running and orders are being shipped out almost daily. My immediate concern is what to bring to the show since I’m a bit under manned. I think I’ll still rent a small uHaul truck tomorrow but unless my daughter chips in to help I’ll be the only person loading and unloading for the show. Luckily when it comes to the tables Matt Delk and a crew from the Cub Pack are going to help set all that up.


Tomorrow night the local council has Round Tables across all three districts. We will again be putting the word out trying to draw in the locals. That’s one of the things about having a metro council with so many Scouts is that nobody in the Mecklenburg County Council is more than 45 minutes away from the church. It’s hard to herd the cats but I’ve been putting out the word for the last two months so that’s being hopeful.


I have 165 live auctions on eBay this week with a bunch of shoulder strips and neckerchiefs among them. Once I put the TOR to be I’ll be getting a lot more scheduled.


I hope to do some filming at the TOR for my live show. I know that there will be lots of opportunities there with so many collectors. I have really had some set backs this week so I don’t think there will be a live show again until after the TOR.






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