August 2021 – Top Auction Results According To Bids

Over the years I have done posts about the top selling items in the category.  Just to take a different look this post shares the 10 items that received the most bids in the Boy Scout category during August of 2021.  Some of these are surprising results.  I really still believe in the auction format on eBay and these listings prove that it’s a good strategy when you have something that collectors really want.


#10 Vintage Boy Scout Memorial-1947’s World Scout Jamboree Staff Participant Patch Auction Bids 40
#9 Chief Scout Executive Position Patch 1953-1966 Boy Scout TK3 Auction Bids 41
#8 Boy Scouts of America Huge Professional & Volunteer Position Uniform Patch Lot Auction Bids 44
#7 OA Lodge 349 Blue Heron Neckerchief and Rare Card Boy Scout TK6 Auction Bids 45
#6 Vintage Western Fixed Blade Official Boy Scout Knife with Sheath Auction Bids 47
#5 1937 Jamboree Vintage Boy Scouts Of America Uniform Shirt Metal Buttons Auction Bids 54
#4 Vintage Eagle Scout Boy Scouts Medal Uniform Award Badge + 11 1960’s BSA Pins Auction Bids 57
#3 Boy Scouts 4th World Scout Jamboree Budapest 1933 Participants Badge Auction Bids 57
#2 Giant Lot of 700+ Patches Auction Bids 59
#1 Lot of 65 Scout Executive Newsletter Magazine Boy 1920-25, 1930-31 Auction Bids 63


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