Bad Tweets!


I want to address something that I and another patchblanket member spotted this morning before I get too many more emails about it. This morning on there was a very offensive tweet by twisted pornographer. Let me explain how this pulled up on the site and what I’m doing to prevent it from happening in the future.


The website does not actually have any true “posts” like you would see on The website is built to search the millions of users of Twitter and pull in all of their messages that contain some key words such as “Boy Scouts”. That’s why you see such an interesting variety of messages. Everything from references to campfire tap-outs, national news stories, and some strange references to the word “boy scouts” in our use of it as a slang word. I do have some key words that are filtered out to prevent some objectionable material (to this point mostly curse words). However, I’ve never seen someone tweet something so filthy as this and so I’m moving to add more banned words to the list so that I can attempt to prevent this from showing up on the site again.


Like everything on the Internet its a wild, wild, west show some days filled with the good, the bad, and the evil. I’m trying to promote this Twitter website as an interesting way to see what Scouters around the world are doing through their use of Twitter messages (tweets). Today I can see that as the “sheriff” of this site I’ve got to beef up my defenses to keep the smut out.




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