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Trading Stock:

Camp Items:

Camp Sinoquipe 2007 work weekend

Chicago Council 1948 felt PowWow patch

Colonial Annapolis Historical Trail

Gettysburg old style johnny rebel and Gettysburg pie piece

Mason Dixon Council Winter camporee 2004

World Brotherhood Camporee 2001 Hiawatha Seaway Council

World Brotherhood Camporee 2006 Jacket patch Hiawatha Seaway Council

World Brotherhood Camporee 2008 Bird totem Piece.. Hiawatha Seaway Council



SE-1 Round

SE-1 1975 Tutelo Lodge 161

NE-6 Part. patch 1994

NE-6A Section Patch (jacket?)

2000 NorthEast Region Quility Section


Council Strips:(mint)

Allegheny Trails (T5)

Annawon (S1)

Atlanta Area (T2b)

Baltimore Area (S10)

Baltimore Area (SA46) Wood Badge

Baltimore Area (SA67) Wood Badge

Baltimore Area (SA113) Wood Badge

Baltimore Area (SA127?) 2009 TOR

Bay-Lakes (S3)

Blue Ridge (S3)

Boston Minuteman (S1)

Boulder Dam Area (S10)

Cache Valley (S9)

Camden County (T1)

Cape Fear (S6)

Capital Area (S1)

Catalina “FOS” (SA44)

Central Florida (T1)

Chester County (S4)

Circle Ten (T3)

Coastal Carolina (T1, S3)

Cradle of Liberty (S2a)

Daniel Boone (T2)

Del-Mar-Va (T2)

Del-Mar-Va (T4)

Direct Service (S1)

Direct Service Hong Kong (S3)

Direct Service Saudi Arabia (S11)

Direct Service Singapore (T3)

East Valley Council Error Thread Break (T1)

Fairfield County (S6a)

Far East (SA-23) with Cert. Paper

Grand Canyon (S3)

Greater Pittsburgh (S1)

Greater NY Brooklyn (T3)(S?Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge 24 csp)

Greater NY Manhattan (T2)

Greater NY Staten Island (T4)

Greater Western Res. (S6)

Green Mt. (S16)

Hawk Mt. (S3)

Hiawatha Seaway (S3, TA32, S64)

Indian Waters (S6)

Keystone Area (T2)

Lewis & Clark (S1)

Mason Dixon (T1, S25)

Middle Tennessee (S3)

Moraine Trails (T2)

Nashua Valley (S10)

National Capital Area (SA57-2)

Northeast PA (S2)

Northern Lights (S5)

Otschodela (S2)

Ouachita Area (S3)

Prairie Gold Area (S1)

San Diego County (T3)

Sam Houston Area (S2)

Shendoah Area (S26)

Theodore Roosevelt (S4) AZ

Theodore Roosevelt (SA5) NY

Transatlantic (T1) Scout Stuff

Twin Rivers (S1)

Valley Forge (T2)

York-Adams Area (T2)


Used Csps:

Baltimore Area, MD (T1)

Caddo Area, TX/AR

Southern NJ, NJ


RWS/City Strips:


Bethlehem Connecticut Cut Edge Private Issued

Bethlehem Connecticut Rolled Edge Private Issued

Westmoreland Fayette

City Strips-

New Castle DE

NY used Strip



Amangamek Wipit 470 (F2, S9, S93)

Ashie 436 (S6b, S16)

Buckskin Lodge 412 (S unknow)

Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge 129 2 Piece (S29-x14)

Guneukitschik 317 (S7A, S38?New Issue?)

Ha-Kin-Skay-A-Ki 387 (S30)

Hi-cha-ko-lo (S2)

Huaco 327 (S15)

Kittatinny 5 (S10)

Migisi Opawgan 162 (S56)

Miwok 439 (S60)

Nentico 12 (S3, S15, S20)

Nentego Lodge 20 (S1-X1, S2-X2,S3-X3) Note**** Concedered Freedom Trail

Chapter– the lodge places it as lodge sets thoe!!!

Sel Koo Sho (S3)

Tuckahoe 386 (S29)

Wagion 6 (S6)

Wipala Wiki 432 (S16, S22)



Hidden Valley Scout Reservation Staff hat (tan letters on dark green)


Jacket Patches:


1950’s 21cm Indian head Grey bk grd


Giant Yellow Be Prepared FDL

Patch Blanket Issue #1

Susquehanna Council (looks like SA17 CSP)

World Brotherhood Camporee 2006 Jacket patch



OA NE4C 2005 Neckerchief

Baltimore Area Council Troop 359 Linthicum, Maryland

Baltimore Area Council Old Glory District Scout Masters Outdoor

Buffalo Area Council Staff

Camp Sunrise 1964 Green Mt. Council, VT (blueish gray?) with roster, sunrise in the back )

Camp Sunrise “no date” Green Mountain Council, VT (Arrowhead-tan)

Daniel Boone Council Camps “no date” (Blue Neckerchief)

Japan Lookwide Okinawa Saitama 1968

Junior Leader Vintage Staff and JL Patches on a Black and white checkered N/C

Philmont Scout Ranch (Yellow and Red Piping)

Plain dark red with white border

South Region SR Green with region patch sewn on

Troop 332

World Jamboree 1967 Idaho, USA




Set-Part. Patch, Part. Pin Limited one, And 2 trading post pins… great set!

Arcoon Lodge 369 (F3)

Wipala Wiki Lodge 432 (S19)


Wipala Wiki Lodge 432 (S23)


Kayanernn Kowa Lodge 219(S3x1)

Manitous Lodge 88 (S10-x15)


Coosa Lodge 50 (X7x8)

I Survived flap

Southern Region Set (Red, Yellow, and Green) Confederate Flag Bkgd


Amangamek Wipit Lodge 470 (S80)

Jaccos Towne Lodge 21 (S3)

Menawngihella Lodge 550 (S37-x11)

Shunkah Mahneetu Lodge 407 (S36 & X18)

Sons of the Confederate Vet. Spoof staff R.E.Lee


Northeast Region Noac Part.

Amagamek Wipit Lodge 470 (S100-x23/S101-x24/S102-x25/S103


Grand Hodag Yellow Brd

Manitous Lodge 88 (C11-c12/s27-x25-plus claw pin)

Nebagamon Lodge 312 (S48-X16 & Same but Blue Border Not in

Nentico Lodge 12 (S21)

Taleka (s32-x5/s33-x6) 4 piece set!


Northeast Region Noac Part.

No Obama Flap No Money

Ajapeu Lodge 33 (S57)

Ajapeu Lodge 351 (S37r3)

Amangi Nacha Lodge 47 (S31 & X35), (S32 & X36)

Aal-pa-tah Lodge 237 (S101)

Jaccobs Towne Lodge 21 (S10 & S11)

Kiondaga Lodge 422 (S55 & X9)

Lakota Lodge 175(S43& A1)

Lakota Lodge 175(S44& A2)

Michigamea Lodge 110 (S38 & X8) (S39 & X9)

Mikanakawa Lodge 101 (S42, X32 and CSP X33)

Nachamawat Lodge 275 (S57 & S58-X9)

Nacha Nimat Lodge 86 (S38 & X19)

Nentico lodge 12 (S23 & X16)

Occoneechee Lodge 104 (F9-X38 & Csp)

Occoneechee Council Scout Museum SMY BRD

Sakima Lodge 537 (s42-x16)

Santee Lodge 116 (s28-x9)

Siwinis Lodge 252 (s87x39)

Tiwahe Lodge 45 (S29)

Washita Lodge 288 (s50-x8)

Waunala-mon’tay CPC Lodge 422 (S70-X38 & S70-X39)

White Horse Lodge 201 (S42-X & S43-X5)

Wipala Winki Lodge 432 ( S139, S140 and X52)

Witauchsoman Lodge 44 (S47/s48-x7)

Woapalanne Lodge 43 (S20)


National Items:-Jamboree’s, Positions, and more:

Error ( 9 Different 6 Quartermaster and 3 Ast. Scoutmaster)

13th World Jamboree 1971 Nippon
20th World Jamboree 2003 Museum patch

1960-70 Scribe patch

Assistant Scoutmaster Now (scout stuff on back)

Baden Powell Patch felt!

3 Different forms of the #1 unit Number

Boypower Manpower Recruiter

1962 recruiter patch

Recruiter green and yellow

Staff rectangular yellow white purple

Diamond Jubilee Cub Scout Good turn, Sport, and outdoor emphasis

Skill Loops:





Jamboree 2005-

713 Wimachtendink Looks like lodge 317 jamboree flap

Trader Bill-

WWW Cheerful Service Yel/Black Turtle


LOCAL STUFF: Baltimore Area Council/Broad Creek/District Items & Nentico

Lodge #12 (None CSP’S/Flaps)


Baltimore Area Council:


1990 The Adventure Continues

2000 BCMSR


1986 Scoutcraft Expo


Scout Show-

1988 Asventure Begins

1989 The Pride Continues


1973 Anv. Month BAC

Broad Creek:

Summer Camp-


1998 50th anv. Trading Post Issue



Winter Camp-





Polish Would Jamboree Staff Set 2006


Nentico Lodge #12:

Spring Fellowship-







Fall Fellowship-











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