Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 06, 2020



Yesterday for the first time in months I got to work in my own warehouse. My lucky break came as a result of my son finally getting to go to school in person for the first time since the pandemic kicked in back in March. I’ve been trading off with my wife being the online zoom parent twice a week. But with him back in school 2 days a week she is letting me go back to the office on Thursdays now. They say marriage is all about compromises!


So what did I do with my “free” day in the office? I worked on my OA flap collection. I have been slowly picking up needs for years but have not organized the collection in almost 5 years! So my anal nature of patch collecting is everything has to be organized. I spent a good part of the day updating a master spreadsheet of OA lodge history that I can use to make some really nice labels. I want to show all the merger history etc with every patch when I display it.


I want to give a shout out to J. Michael Clinch who really helped me with all the merger data from the last few years. Yesterday I followed up in the Scout Patch Collectors Group with some more questions and folks happily helped me fill in the blanks. I’ll share pictures of the final project when done in a few weeks. Then I’ll also have a clean needs list to start playing with.


This week on eBay I’ve got 150 auctions running live. I got off my schedule and don’t have a big batch ending Sunday but I’ve got that solved for the rest of November. Some time next week I might have those mugs posted including a little OA, camp and event pieces.


This weekend I’m going to see some of my old lodge brothers for a “dudes weekend”. I appointed myself to be in charge of the Low Country Shrimp Boil on Saturday night. The weekend also includes kayaking on the Black River, poker tournament, billiards, adult beverages and lots of tall tales. I can’t wait!






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