Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 10, 2020



I am one of those people that agonize about exactly how I want to display their patches. My goal has always been to make a display that I can take to Scouting events. So my collection has to fit into that plan rather than going in a simple 3-ring binder. For my OA flap collection I think I’ve come up with a plan to use some giant binders with customized pages. These cardstock pages will allow me to fit a dozen flaps on each page still protected in a plastic envelope.


This weekend I got in the labels that will fit on the envelopes. The labels I’m making will include all the important data for each lodge including it’s merger history. My printing company is sourcing some unique cardstock that I can use to upgrade from the flimsy black paper that came with the binders. I’m going to film my project so I can share sorta like I did years ago with I made some wooden frames.


In a few weeks I’m back on the trail this time with my daughter’s troop to Kings Mountain. For those of you that have not visited this is a National Military Park remembering a pivotal battle in the Revolutionary War. I’ve been there many times as a Scout and later leading youth as an adult.


I have 215 live auctions on eBay this week. I finally have run out of steam on keeping the pace at 25 new listings every night. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some booked and ready to kick start that again. But overall my eBay store has 35,858 items which puts my near the top in the Boy Scout category. That might sound like alot but it’s only 8.7% of the giant Boy Scout category at this time.


This weekend my family is traveling to Lumberton NC to say goodbye to our old house. We lived there for 18 years and both of our kids were born and raised there. Right before Thanksgiving we are closing on the sale of our old house and this will give us a weekend to say hello to old friends and reminisce about all the memories made there.




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