Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 3, 2017

I had two dealers reach out to me yesterday on Facebook asking what’s my secret. Since I tend to share a lot with the Hot Finds audience I’ll spill the beans. My store at is built on the Shopify platform. This week Shopify announced an integration with eBay so that I can cross list all my products and have them remained synched in both stores. So really I’m kinda cheating by posting some of my inventory from one store in another – but hey it’s working.

The goal with the ScoutPatchHQ site is to build my own brand that can stand alone from eBay. I’ve been able to successfully sell on that platform and I’m very happy with it. But ultimately I think that if I can sell the same identical items on eBay and pay them their 10% commission it’s probably a no brainer. I’ve already experienced some of the learning curves this morning trying to ship orders (why I’m publishing a little late) but I’ll figure it out soon.

So what I’ll do moving forward is have my cake and eat it too. Well maybe that’s not a good analogy but I’ll cross promote both storefronts and share items between them. Ultimately eBay auctions are definitely a strategy I want to continue to maximize. Cash flow is king so selling patches is what keeps me in business.

If you want to see the 2k plus items that I have cross listed you can go here to see them on eBay. When I pull that off it drops them into a category in my eBay store labeled “other” which is kinda convenient.




I was in the Cape Fear Area Council Scouting from 1954 till 1962, when I went into the USAF. I was secretary / treasurer of the Klahican Lodge 331 in 1961. I attended the 17 th anniversary of the founding of the Klahican Lodge, held at Lake Bowers 2016. GREAT reunion, I was reunited with Brothers I had not seen in 54 years.

By Matt Mattocks "Cage" on November 7th, 2017 at 5:48 pm

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