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Drum roll please…..introducing the “NEW” Today I’d like to announce on patchblanket that I just finished the total redesign of my signature website name –


A little bit of history if you please. I actually was given this domain name as a present from my wife about 10 years ago. Literally, for a birthday present she went to a hosting company and bought the domain name for me. While domain names don’t wrap very well as presents it was still one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. It launched me into cyberspace with the help of my good friend Paul Gowder ( and MS Front Page (editing software).


For many years the site was dedicated to my interest in the history and memorabilia of my local lodge, camp and council. I also included topics such as South Carolina OA, the Dixie Fellowship, and campfire blankets. But after about 2004 I sorta hit a wall where I wasn’t updating the site and I let it get a little stale. Some technical difficulties didn’t help so by the time I was ready to create my own off-eBay Prostore I decided to use the domain name to launch my new venture. Since 2007 has been the home of my eBay Prostore.


This year I’ve really devoted more time to my Internet hobby (to my wife’s chagrin!) and that has given birth to a few more websites. (soon to be renamed,,, and just this month were all born this year. What I really needed was a way to get all these related websites on one sheet of music. I needed a “landing page” where I could direct visitors so that this “family” of sites could become unified under one umbrella. It didn’t take a genius to decide that the answer for me was to hijack the natural domain name of and put this in as the “mother” page to use another analogy. This orphaned the Prostore for about 24 hours while I got it settled on yet another domain – now called


I encourage you to bookmark/mark as a favorite The feature that really has some razzle dazzle is the live feed. What the scrolling banner does is search all the related sites and shows you the latest posts. Sometimes boyscouttweet has some juicy ones so be careful. 🙂 As I work on other ideas I’ll be able to blend them into the swapper family by adding them to the mother page. If you are still reading this long post I want to say thanks for visiting my sites and for the nice feedback people have sent regarding the Hot Finds newsletter. Its a job keeping this machine running but its a labor of love.




Looking for a Lodge 188 S3b.
Do you have one for sale or trade or do you know who would have one?

By Tony Evans on April 8th, 2016 at 9:05 pm

Do you have a Lodge 188 S3b for sale or trade or do you know who might have one>

By Tony Evans on April 8th, 2016 at 9:07 pm

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