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This post is being directly copied from John Pannell’s site oaimages.com from the blog site.


There’s a few features on OAImages that appear that are, to varying degrees, hidden to some users Most of these can be found fairly easily. One has been deliberately hidden as I still consider it a ?beta? page, a work in progress, and am not completely satisfied with it.


Here they are:


Alphabetical chapter Listings. Sometimes a patch has an obvious chapter name on it, but no lodge name. Without that lodge name it can be difficult to catalog a patch. So I created an Alphabetical Listing of Chapters. As you can see, this page still has some very old graphics from the earlier days of this site. One of these days I?ll update that. http://www.oaimages.com/chlist.shtml
Alpabetical Lodge Listings. Similar to the alphabetical chapter listings, there is also an alphabetical list of lodges. There are links to both these alphabetical lists on the bottom of most pages on the main part of this site. http://www.oaimages.com/crossref.shtml


OAImages Search. One can also search this site, with a search engine using the Google search engine. http://www.oaimages.com/search/
Lodge search by totem. http://www.oaimages.com/totems.shtml This was a project I created a while back. I had written code that reads the lodges? names database on this site and creates a search form based upon the lodge totem. This is a very unrefined and literal search, a beta quality page that I never really refined, so one won?t find a link to it anywhere else on this site. I would appreciate your comments and criticism on this. Perhaps some day it will be refined more.


I always enjoy finding better ways to do research and John has raised the bar on a wonderful site by allowing us more freedom in our searches and also by making it public knowledge of some of the “hidden” features. And his site is so cheap in my opinion for the wealth of knowledge to be found in one spot.




If you happen to be one of the few that are not memebers already or are new to collecting this may help you in your endeavors of the cloth!!!
The link at the top and bottom of this page go straight to John’s site and reads exactly as follows::D


Subscribe to OAImages.com
An online price guide is now available at oaimages.com. This is available by subscription only. Many features make this this addition a valuable collecting tool:

Real, verified, pricing data based upon actual online sales culled at present primarily from eBay;
Ability to have your own private sales and purchases included anonymously;
296,899 individual sales currently included;
Detailed data displayed as well as summarized within the Blue Book format for your ease of use;
Various statistics, including minimum, maximum, mean and median prices;
Dates each of individual prices, valuable for spotting pricing trends;
Identify yourself as a collector of any number of lodges, to aid you in better trading;
Create PDF files on demand viewable with Adobe Acrobat’s free reader showing all Blue Book information and pricing summary, suitable for printing or saving on your own computer for later use;
Create and maintain a private online inventory of your collection that you can view, track and modify from any computer connected to the internet;
Participate in an online discussion forum exclusively for subscribers;
Pricing data combined with all the Blue Book data and thumbnails currently available on this site that have made this site an indispensible tool to the Order of the Arrow patch collector.
To access this information, subscribe now to the price guide portion of OAImages.com. Annual subscription is a bargain at only US$14.00 per year, regardless of age or location. Just complete the short form below, submit it, and send your payment to the address you will be given after registering. For your convenience you may also pay online using PayPal.

For a limited time only you may also pay for the subscription in flaps! I will trade a year’s access to the price guide for four (4) *mint* OA flaps. Used or damaged flaps, fakes, spoofs, or ultra-common (regular issues from lodges 51, 60, 137, 470) flaps are excluded.

Due to US Federal law regarding collection of personal information from minors, you must be at least 13 years of age to subscribe! If you are not yet 13, a parent or guardian must register for you.

After receipt of payment or flaps, you will receive an email with the user id you requested and your initial password along with instructions how to log into the subscription side of this side. For other questions, please contact the webmaster.


By mopar73mopar on November 17th, 2007 at 3:54 am

What John has created is such a valuable tool to me as an eBay seller and collector. While all of us have to take eBay prices with a grain of salt he has provided an invaluable resource that is unmatched anywhere in the hobby. Its too bad he doesn’t have the ability to clone himself and do this type of service for all different sorts of scouting memorabilia. A few people have tried price guides in the past either in print years ago or even online in recent memory. All pale in comparision to the master. The best bargain in the hobby! I would purchase a lifetime subscription if that was an option.

By jason on November 17th, 2007 at 4:12 am

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