Scouting Hot Finds Live Episode #6: Sourcing Uniforms For Steven Spielberg’s Movie The Fabelmans

OK spoiler alert! Today I’m telling the whole story of how I came to work with a Hollywood Costumer named Danielle to help outfit the actors in Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans. I took my family to see the movie on Thanksgiving Day. I had really been hesitant to do a video about my involvement until I saw the final cut. You never know how things are going to turn out and I wasn’t sure if they would have made changes since my involvement was more than a year ago. But the uniforms were awesome, the portrayal of Sammy Fabelman’s time in Scouts was awesome (can you tell I am a child of the 80s?) and I loved the movie. The overall arc of the story line is heavily focused on the family dynamics. But the the parts in the beginning of the movie with his patrol and troop were just plain fun to watch. Of course in this episode I’ll have a giveaway and an unboxing! Oh and if you’ve read this far down I have an Easter Egg surprise for you. Something that I just found this morning when I was doing my homework for this episode. I was so shocked when I found this that I immediately called my wife and had one of those moments on the phone where she first asked “is everything ok?”. Watch to find out!




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