Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 19, 2023


Ok here me out on this one. I’ve been thinking for some time that when I do these unboxing videos perhaps I need to tie it with the opportunity for people to purchase things from the box. As in you see me pull something cool out and you click and buy it and it’s easy. I actually got approved for Whatnot the live selling app but I don’t think that’s what is going to work for this.



I know that most of the Hot Finds readers are like me with some grey hair and the last thing they want to do is go download some new app that Gen Z is in love with. About 5 years ago (some of you will remember this) I used a program called Comment Sold to do live shows. I checked into that and those folks have jacked up the cost of their platform. So I think I have figured out a way to pull all this off using my Shopify Store.



So next week (I am saying it here!) you will get to see the experiment that I’m going to run. I just got in a large box with a nice 50+ year old collection filled with Jamboree, OA, CSPs all the normal stuff. I’m going to film an unboxing and combine it with the ability to instantly go in and click on the items to purchase them. I know sounds a little too good to be true but tune in and we will see how this experiment goes!



This weekend be sure to check out my Santeeswapper Store account as I have some nice auctions ending on khaki and red strips and Explorer State strips including a nice military base K&R from Alaska. On Santeeswapper I am continuing with RWS including some good ones that are getting bids. All together I have 150 live auctions on that account right now.

















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