Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 23, 2022



As many readers know my home lodge is merging over the next few months and this coming weekend is our last lodge fellowship. We have scheduled a lodge reunion on Saturday and the attendance is really looking good. We have brothers flying in from as far away as California to come back to Coker and have a lot of fun. I’ve been working with a great group of guys to make some plans over the last two months and I think our efforts have paid off.


It has been tricky layering a lodge fellowship that has Ordeal candidates along with Brotherhood and Vigil ceremonies with a reunion. But with guidance from Tripp Clark who has organized several similar events we have worked out most of the kinks. When it’s all told we might have as many as twenty former lodge chiefs in attendance. I hope that lots of memories are shared and many guys can reconnect with lost friends and hear that Scouting still needs them.


We are having a patch auction this weekend and my old friend Harold Dick has agreed to reprise his role as auctioneer after twenty years. It’s kinda on the alumni to donate items so I really don’t know what will turn up. But it will be fun to also trade patches in the evening as I have plenty of needs.


I have 162 live auctions on eBay including community strips, OA, buckles and more. This week I’ll need to spend a little more time building out my auction schedule so that I can get back to about 225 which is kinda my ideal number.


Some of you wrote back to share that you were also guilty of becoming the “patch guy” in your lodge that people looked to when they wanted to liquidate their collection. I’ve been that guy for going on two decades and so YES it’s time to thin the dupes!






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