Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 20, 2018


Scott Wheeler sent me a message asking for the details of how I got my kid selling on eBay to pay her bills. I told him that sounded like a good blog post topic and so this morning I typed up the story and shared our recipe in My Kid Pays Her Cell Phone Bill Selling On eBay. It has not been a smooth operation when 1/2 the brains are a teenage daughter (smile all you dads out there!) but we are making it work.


I want to give a Hot Finds shout-out to Andrew Stevens. If you are friends with him on Facebook then you already knew he has been sharing a ton of great pictures and scans from his personal archive focused on eastern North Carolina. This past weekend he also set up an impressive display at a lodge event. It takes a lot of work to create all this and it’s inspiring to me and others to see him go through the effort. I think that’s a model more of us need to follow – share and display your collection!


The other thing I really like about his display is that it shows me what the goal is. He has everything labeled so that it’s more than just a frame of patches or handbooks but also tells the story. I want to create displays for all topics in Scouting that do this as well. Not just have the Air Scout patches but include a label that explains the advancement program and history.


I know that with the holidays around the corner now is a prime time to get some auctions running. I’ve got about 5-dozen live auctions right now with more on the way tonight when I click launch.


I am hoping to line up a podcast interview or two over the Thanksgiving holiday so that I can reboot the podcast soon. It would be great to have several recorded so that I can space them out about every 2 weeks which seems doable.




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