Boy Scout Collection Unboxing 1968-1982 Western Pennsylvania Collection With Home Run Middlesex

I start this one off by reading a letter that is typical of many collections that I purchase. The guys two adult sons have no interest in his Scouting memorabilia and so he is looking for someone that would appreciate it. In the collection he actually had two coffee mugs that survived being shipped all the way to me in Charlotte NC. But the good stuff right off the bat were about twenty neckerchiefs from various camps, Order of the Arrow lodges and events from that 1960s and 1970s time period.


It is often VERY random what I get in these collections and in this case my intuition was confirmed after more consideration. His collection included a 1966 Philmont shoulder patch from the Middlesex Council in New Jersey. Over the years collectors of Council Shoulder Patches have put this on their checklists as the only CSP from that council. The council was merged before the true CSP concept debuted in the early 1970s. But you see in the checklists the rule is if it looks like a duck it is a duck. So this shoulder patch was a home run that went straight into my permanent collection. That was such a relief because I previously owned one of these BEFORE I was collecting CSPs and got rid of it. So to get one back like this in a random collection was incredibly good fortune for me – and from a PA collection no less!

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