Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 03, 2021



I have a bad habit of putting categories that I don’t really know well in a Rubbermaid tub and on a shelf. Rank and position patches is the example that I’m tackling this weekend. My recent sorting project meant I had two options. I could take the hundreds of patches that fit these categories and just add them to the top of the tub and hope the lid still closed. Or I could sort them all out and decide to pull a 1 of each collection and list the rest. So now you know what I’ve got in front of me this weekend!


It has literally been a decade since I last tried to open up Paul Myers book and ID the rank patches. Thankfully I have the book by Mitch Reis to figure out the position patches. While many of these are very common it’s still money sitting on a shelf for me. Some sellers have gotten clever with making lots of similiar items and I’ll likely work that strategy in as well.


On eBay this weekend I have 283 live auctions with a heavy dose of neckerchiefs. Last night I had one sell for over $300 so that was a nice win. My big closer this weekend is a set of 1930s Camp Wisdom patches on a sash.


Originally this weekend I had planned to be on the road going to the new TOR in the DC area. But my check engine light on the patch wagon turned into a $4k problem and it’s been at the dealership for about 10 days so I could not keep those plans. I am going today to pay the bill and spring her out of jail. But my amazing wife took pity on me and agreed to let me spend some overtime in the warehouse this weekend. So hopefully by the end of the workday Saturday I’ll have many if not all of the rank and position patches either listed or organized for trade stock.




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