Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 12, 2014


Today you can find a brand new episode of my podcast Scouting Hot Finds Radio. This show features an interview with one of the young guns in the hobby – Nick Wolf. The Patch King on Facebook shares his social media selling strategy and believe me we will all walk away with some fresh ideas.

Nick is just 22 years old but having attended four major national events beginning with the 2005 National Jamboree he has the patch bug something bad. His collecting focus will wrinkle the noses of some veterans of the hobby. He loves all the “hot” sets that come out at the Jamboree and NOAC.

Nick does collect his home lodge of Owaneco 313 in CT having served as a lodge chief in his youth. However, what really makes this interview interesting is to see how with a lot of hustle and furious trading he has created a strategy to earn his patch money that doesn’t use eBay.

I was so interested in some of his ideas that I literally tried one of them out as I was publishing the show. Within a few hours I got a lead to potentially sell some WJ stuff to a guy in Belgium so yes it works! The link to the show is in the next box. Check it out!

One of the things that I’ve tried that is related to his social media selling strategy is posting monthly catalogs that feature items from my webstore at However, I’m going to try and use Nick’s tips next week and see what kind of return they bring.

I have updated the TOR calendar below. You can find me this weekend at the Old Hickory TOR in Winston-Salem, NC. I’ll have my camera out so look for some photos and a report in the Sunday issue.





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