Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 14, 2014


I spent the weekend at the Old Hickory TOR and had the opportunity to display my North Carolina OA collection thanks to the generosity of Matt White. The show was a big hit with Saturday’s turnout at more than 200 people through the door including some troops and many familiar faces from the area. This was the second time I took my 10 year old daughter along and she had a blast. She is still young enough to get excited when she found a turtle charm necklace at one of the tables for $5.

There are some great Senior Scouting pieces in this block. I am organizing my collection on this and look to have a display ready in the new year. I think I have most of the pieces being offered in these listings but I’m excited to see them offered.

While at the TOR I found time to film a couple of short videos that I’ll get published before the new year. The first is with John Ortt and is focused on OA pins made by Hood and Caldwell. These totem pins are a very interesting and incredibly tough OA niche collection that Bill Topkis has been working on for a long time. In the video John acknowledges that seeing Bill’s collection is what inspired him to get into this field. One more example of how displaying your collection can plant seeds!

The second video that I filmed was a patrol medallion lesson from Todd Kelly. He ended up with bags full of these when was working as a D.E. back in the day. Since then he has really focused on this sometimes forgotten niche and he says in the video it’s a very easy and inexpensive one to get into. Todd explains the different types and we have some close up pictures of the backings.

Chris Jensen was that TOR as well and the update I got from him is that there is only maybe 1 wall table left for the 2015 NOAC TOR. He still has tables remaining but it’s never too early to speak up for your spot.

The next TOR on the calendar is the one in my back yard. This will be the first show that Santee Lodge 116 has ever put on and it comes on the first Saturday in January. I got word this weekend that Mark Graff is coming up from Florida to join other dealers including Chris Jensen, John Pleasants, and Todd Kelly. If you can make the drive for a 1-day show I hope you will consider coming to Florence, SC on January 3rd for the Pee Dee Area Council Scout Memorabilia Show.





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