Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 9, 2014


Read down in today’s issue to see the video that I just published which has already received some glowing reviews on Facebook. I’ve designed a simple system to use Boxware frames as a nice vertical display for Scouting memorabilia. In the 11+ minute video I share all the details and for the DIY type you can build one of these too.

Last night I finished typing up labels for my merit badge collection. I did this using Jensen’s excellent MB Price Guide from 1994. I am going to compare it to the other resources I have today and see if I can have a finished product. Then it’s time to start coming up with a display and of course a needs list.

The other project I’m going to start today is trying to make labels for a Senior Scouting collection to include Air Scout, Explorers and the rest. Jim Clough’s book is my guide there but I’m also using a website I found out about recently by Michael Brown.

I’ve also spent time over the last few months organizing my rank collection and for that I’ve leaned on Paul Myer’s book. For that project I actually have a video 3/4 of the way shot so look for that one to come out maybe before the new year.

As I’m headed to a TOR this weekend I keep getting the itch to rearrange my set up for shows. I’m sure lots of people do this the week of the event – trying to decide what to take and how to arrange it on the table. I think by the time the 2015 NOAC gets here I’ll have it all answered. I’m renting three wall tables for the big show.

The plan is to record an interview tomorrow night for my podcast and with luck have it published by the weekend. This will be another show focused on ways that people are making money in the hobby.





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