Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 14, 2014


I am excited to add a new TOR to the calendar that is going to become the very first show of 2015. My home lodge is putting on a one day Scout memorabilia show in conjunction with their Winter Banquet on Saturday January 3rd. I’ve got the flyer right here. The event is being held at at Methodist church in Florence, South Carolina. Your Hot Finds editor will be well represented at this event and if you can make the drive for a 1-day show I hope you will consider coming too.

I can tell you that the idea for this show grew organically from the youth in the lodge. I was contacted by the lodge chief several months ago with the idea and have helped advise him on what you need to look for and basically how these things run. But to his credit he went out and reserved the church, made the flyer, ran everything up the totem pole etc. So just as it should always be in the OA this is a youth led, adult advised activity.

For those of you listened to my interview with Chris Jensen on Scouting Hot Finds Radio we talked about the fact that there appears to be more TORs popping up. This summer I went to a first time show at Camp Durant for Occoneechee 104 and some of my patch collecting friends just got home from the new first Knoxville, TN show. I think it’s a great trend and I hope people are able to get out and support these shows.

By now many of you have heard the breaking news that the incredibly overbooked 2015 NOAC has prompted National OA to enforce a 3:1 youth to adult ratio for contingents. What a mess! My lodge sent in our deposits on time but had a 2:1 ratio with more adults going. Looks like there are going to be lots of frustrated adults sitting out this big event.

I’ve cranked up some serious auction relists on eBay while slashing the minimum bid to attract some sales. I’ve currently got over 300 live auctions on eBay.

My big piece of new content for this week was the first episode of Thread Heads with Brad England as the guest host. We are looking for show topics so we can make the 30 minute talk show interesting to collectors. If you have any suggestions email Brad England as he is heading this up.




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