Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 21, 2014


Well by now most of you have seen what looks to be the OA Mixed Lot of the Century is live on eBay. This honestly might go down as the single biggest eBay sale of the recent decade at the pace it’s on. When you do click on it remember that you have to click on each picture in the listing to see another page of incredible OA from the 1950s.

In today’s issue of the newsletter I’ve also got another new episode of Thread Heads published for you. This is the video series I’m doing with Brad England that is a talk show format for the hobby. Our main topic this week is sharing tips on how to save money with the USPS.

The other piece of the show that folks might find interesting is Brad’s take on how the NOAC registration is going to shake out. He offers up some analysis that I haven’t heard anyone else make and from his seat at a professional Scouter I think it’s sage advice.

One of my side projects this week has been playing around with making labels for my OA flap collection. Does anybody out there have an updated spreadsheet that includes all the new lodges from the last ten years? What I really want is one that includes council names, mergers, all the details and goes beyond just the simple list on ISCA’s website. eMail me if you have anything I can use along those lines.

I am still going with my November Sales Catalog which is focused on Council Shoulder Insignia. I’ve sold some stuff but take a look over this list which is in alphabetical format and let me know if you want to bite on anything. I offer a discount and with over 2,400 items listed just about every active council is in there.

Brad and I have reached out to a few guests to see if we can get some more thread heads on the show. If you have an idea or want to get on the air send Brad England an email.






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