Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 31, 2014


Every couple of years I score an invitation to do a lodge history patch class at an OA fellowship. Saturday afternoon I’m on the schedule for the Santee 116 Fall Fellowship to give some history heading into the big 100th anniversary. I’ve been thinking all week of ways to make it a completely different presentation than I’ve made in the past and I think I’ve got the outline down. If it all works I’ll have some audio and or video to share of the presentation. Wish me luck!

This block features some really nice listings including old World Jamboree, insignia and lots of sharp objects with the Scout emblem on them. I’m not sure that I can get into collecting knives or axes because I’m such a patch guy but I can appreciate how collectible they are.

The “Dancing Bears” fundraiser set is pictured below. My lodge is going to be voting on some special issue 100th anniversary items this weekend so I think the hobby is starting to see the NOAC/100th frenzy building. Good luck to those brave souls that want to collect it all.

I’ve been just buried with eBay this week and haven’t produced a lick of new content as hoped. After I get over this hump I should be able to get back on track next week and get a new podcast episode and a video or two published.

I haven’t mentioned my store at in a while as I’ve been running lots of auction on eBay lately. I created a 20% off discount coupon that is good this weekend only. To cash it in you have to enter the code 10214 at checkout. I’ve got over 5,000 items live and I’m sure there is something you can use in there. Below are are examples of some of the items I’ve got for sale.

The weatherman is predicting that Saturday night it will be getting down into the 30’s. Sounds like a perfect weekend for me to break out one of my campfire blankets and stay warm while I’m sitting around the council fire watching ceremonies.





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