Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 28, 2014


This weekend on the camping trip my dutch oven Camel Gulch Carrot Cake was such as success that I’ve actually just finished making one for the school cake auction. Knots is not the only thing I learned as a Boy Scout. The cake turned out great with charcoal briquets in a classic dutch oven – I just wonder if it will taste the same in a kitchen oven? Enjoy today’s memorabilia picks!

I’m starting to drink the cool aid when it comes to old merit badges and I am keeping a look out on the sash linked in below to see what it goes for. I’ve got my own stack of badges sorted and when I can find time I’m going to come up with a needs list.

I hope there is going to be some last minute bidding on that 1949 Area patch. As I go to publish this issue it’s sitting at $31. Ouch! Show some respect people our 100th anniversary is coming up. 🙂

On the Girl Scout camping trip I did wear one of my campfire blankets and got some compliments from the girls. I’ve got at least one girl who is ready to make one for herself. Part of me is tempted to bid on the British blanket below out of the UK. Buying on eBay can be kinda addictive!

Last week was the beginning of a big auction run for me and tonight it’s coming to a close. I’ve been auctioning off a recent collection that I purchased and the last run ends tonight. You can see the 100 auctions closing tonight by clicking this link to my eBay store at patchblanket.com.

This coming weekend I’m headed to my lodge fall fellowship with a kitchen pass that will allow me to stay 24 hours. I think I’m on the schedule to do a display and lodge history class after lunch and if that holds I’ll try and record it and share. Stay tuned for a new fun project that should roll out in Friday’s edition of the newsletter.





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