Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 26, 2014


I have been expanding my collecting interests this week. As someone who buys a lot of collections during the year I end up with boxes of sorted patches that need to find their way either into a collection display or relisted for somebody else to enjoy. I’ll tell you a little bit about that process in today’s email newsletter while I also share some big auctions ending soon on eBay.

I started off this week tackling rank insignia patches. I have a copy of Paul Myers excellent resource book on these and I spread out everything I had on a table. Step two was sorting things out according to his chart and then picking the best mint example for my own collection. Now I’ve got those sorted just in time to find out Joe Klos and Ron Oslin have a different numbering system that they are rolling out. Good thing I’m just at the beginning of this process.

For OA I’ve got to decide how I want to sort my two collections that have been long neglected. I’ve got a name/number set that has a lot of holes but probably has 300+ flaps. The other OA collection that I have is still in it’s infancy is a conclave collection of the era of the 12 regions prior to 1973.

The pile that is currently spread out on my table is merit badges. It’s easy enough to sort out the twill background w/border issues from the full color cousins that came out in the 1970s but it’s those earlier crimped edge patches that are going to give me a headache. Still I’m looking forward to figuring out what I’ve got and coming up with a needs list.

I have a bunch of auctions ending tonight on eBay. You can see what I’ve got ending soon by clicking this link to my eBay store at

I am coming off a successful camping trip with my Girl Scout troop. I’ll share some pictures on my blog and have a link in the next issue of the Hot Finds.





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