Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 06, 2020


In the Hot Finds I have talked about the importance of reference books to help drive the hobby quite a bit. Terry was someone who went down the rabbit hole a bit and researched and wrote about so many aspects of the Eagle Award. He even got into the certificates and signatures. His other work was a book about the early ceremonies of the OA.


In April of 2012 Terry was my guest on Scouting Hot Finds Radio as we discussed his work on identifying the Eagle Scout patches for his project. This interview is about 30 minutes long and will serve as a great remembrance of what he gave back to the hobby.


There have been several stories floating around this weekend about what kind of a man Terry was. I remember back some years ago when I had an issue with some other folks in the hobby he counseled me to be a better Christian and forgive their back stabbing and insults. I’m not sure I ever really accepted his advice but I know it was good advice from a very Godly man.


Tonight on eBay I have about 100 auctions from a nice OA collection. These are mostly issues from lodges in the upper 400s including some good pieces. On my ScoutpatchHQ account I have a dozen auctions from a 1950s collection that includes some camp neckerchiefs that might go for more than $400 each.


Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to poke around as I’m right in the middle of figuring out displays and how I want to hang stuff on the wall in my office. I don’t think their generic frames are just right for my project (especially at that price) but it did give me some ideas. Of course I’ll share exactly what I did in a video as I’m right in the middle of figuring out some new storage and display systems.




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