Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 10, 2023


I got back Saturday from the Old Hickory TOR with an unusual haul. On the roof rack I had a freshly cut Christmas tree from Virginia. Possibly in an attempt to please my wife I promised that in going to the show I would visit a tree farm Saturday and bring us home a hand picked fresh tree. The promise led me up the road to Fancy Gap, VA. But it begs the question…what bargains do we strike to get the permission to take off for TORs?



I was talking to Jason Hardy at the show about the weekend they have selected to bring back a Trade-O-Ree in the Greensboro area. To thread the needle they are reviving the Old North State Council TOR the weekend after Indy on February 9-10. But it also puts me on tap to potentially do 4 TORs in a row. I will have to start plotting now what kinda of bargain I can strike with my wife to pull that off.



TORs are an excellent chance to get inventory cheap for a dealer but also make some sales. For collectors there are deals to be had when you are talking to someone in person rather than clicking buttons on a keyboard. I have also been lucky enough lately to pair it up with meeting people that I have been in contact with. So I am a huge supporter of TORs in the hobby.



On eBay I have 152 live auctions running. This run includes SAPs, old camp patches, event patches and more. One of the things I’m getting back to is having a good variety of items available each week at auction. I have Explorer State strips and some vintage military patches ending today on Santeeswapper Store. On my OApatch account I have 70 live auctions running on event and odd shape patches.











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