Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 11, 2016


In this one picture I captured 5 good characters in the hobby. Jimmy Arthurs and David Cody from Eswau Huppeday 560 are talking to Chris Jensen while Richard Mori and John Pleasants are checking out some cool pieces behind the table. This show was sold out and the organizer told me he had a number of guys that wanted tables but asked too late. Is there a TOR revival going on in the hobby? I hope so!

This is not a great picture of my old friend Matt Delk but I talked to him on his way back from the show and learned that he bought out one of the table renters as things were winding down. So he has got some patches to cook up on eBay now. The trader wearing a hat in this picture is Brandon Ellis who is an old name in North Carolina. Some of you might remember he had a gig on the original hobby podcast Cloth Talk where he reported on TORs and did some man on the street type interviews at events.

There are a few other Jason’s that are big patch traders and here is a picture of one of those along with Michael Smith who was way overdressed for a TOR. One of the neat things I can report is that I had discussions with two different guys about trying to reboot some projects that they want to help with. I better not count my chickens til they hatch but finding someone interested in putting in some time creating something cool is 1/2 the battle.

My live auctions today include 60 old BSA neckerchiefs. The one I’ve got from the Far East Council pictured below is getting the most attention. Next week I should have up a big run of JSPs and other first time listings.





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