Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 9, 2016


Last night across the Mecklenburg County Council each of the 3 districts held their volunteer recognition banquets. This is a picture of the display that i set up for the one that I attended to promote theCharlotte TOR. The Dist. Chairman Bill Rhyne gave us a great shout out at the beginning of the program. But other local Scouters had us covered at the remaining events. Del Whittaker was making sure everyone who attended the Apache District banquet got a flier and Brian Sweeney was going pass them out at the Hornet’s Nest banquet.

The only pain point yesterday in getting my stuff to display was that I could not put my hands on the frames I have for Catawba Lodge 459 which is what people in Charlotte would want to see. Since moving I tried to label all the totes that I’ve got in the basement but somehow that one has escaped me. I’m not having a panic attack because I know it’s here but I know you can appreciate how ironic it is that the one specific thing I wanted to pull was hiding from me. I’m sure that never happens to you.

You would think after having published this newsletter since 2009 that I would know that there is some value in foreign badges. As evidenced by the items featured in this block there is money in those pretty little wovens. So yesterday when I posted a few dozen oldies in the Facebook Group to take offers none other than Sam Fairchild sent me a message and said basically “yeah you need to take those down and eBay them”. I don’t have any idea what they are for as most have no text but I’m not so hard headed that I won’t take his advice and roll the dice.

At the moment on eBay I’ve got 60 auctions on 30-40+ year old neckerchiefs running. This week my listing focus was trying to get some fixed price items listed but I’ve been consistently launching a dozen new auctions every day to keep things fresh.





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