Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 12, 2021



Yesterday I went into the warehouse for a few hours to keep making progress on eliminating the death piles. My success was getting all of my 1970s-80s youth position patches listed (in 5-patch lots). I also sorted out all the other accumulations like mile swim, Paul Bunyan and 50 miler patches. I think I literally had 100 mint Historical Trails patches. So I’ll lot those up in small groups and get them all listed next week.
I think Monday’s project is going to be adult leader knots. I have never attempted to sort my accumulation of which I suspect I have over 500 of them. I know some of these can sell for as much as $10 or more so there is money there if I can just break out the reference book and get everything identified and photographed.
My plan is for the next couple of weeks I’ll keep tackling these annoying categories (maybe merit badges is next!) and stock up the store. I have 10,000+ council shoulder patches in my store but no merit badges to speak of so you can see why I think this is a good idea. The ultimate sort is going to be camp patches. I literally have 4 giant Rubbermaid tubs full of them. So I’ll get them sorted alphabetically by camp and decide a pricing point plan and which ones deserve to go up for auction.
On eBay right now I have 274 live auctions running. My big push tonight includes neckerchiefs, OA and lots of hat pins. I know most sellers don’t fool with these pins as they are a pain to ship but I’m determined to get these items up on the marketplace so hopefully many of them will find a new home.
My big helper over the break is going to be my daughter Sophia. Friday she tackled 5 different small projects helping me get all my unsorted NOAC put in order among other things. She is working on a CSP collection right now and after that I have a board full of project cards to tackle.



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