Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 10, 2021



Chris Jensen shared with me that he has donated a bunch of stuff to his council that they are then auctioning off to raise funds. eBay has a system for charities to register and receive a big fee reduction (maybe free?). So his council found some manpower to photograph and list the items. They are going to receive the proceeds for the auction and all Chris had to do was hand pick the items and turn them over. Win – Win!


You can find the link to the eBay auctions here for the Blue Ridge Council. It’s really a novel idea! Ironically I know that sooo many councils receive donations of memorabilia but really need a way to turn that into cash to pay the bills. Somewhere there is a business idea here! I’m sure someone else links charities to resellers but for our category I really doubt anyone has cracked that code yet.


On eBay right now I have 266 live auctions. All this week I’ve been working on rank and insignia patches. I have all my dupe ranks from First Class through Eagle listed. The rest should get up today and I’ll be moving into more position patches. This is a great project for me to tackle because I have a very long tail strategy for my store. My goal is to list everything I have in the warehouse. With the eBay store structure it cost me almost nothing to have it sit month after month so eventually a buyer will come along down the road.


Yesterday I traveled to Columbia for a very sad funeral. I want to share the advice of the minister who at the close of the funeral was speaking to the many teenagers in the audience. He said for them to write down the names of three trusted adults that you can call in an hour of darkness when you think about hurting yourself. I am not equipped to really explain how this shadow can come over teenagers. I will try to make sure my kids and the ones I mentor through Scouting know that they can reach out in times of need.




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