Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 07, 2021



Yesterday I listed the same lot of patches forty-five times. Well kinda! I am determined to list all my rank and position patches this week. So yesterday I went through that 1970s-1980s period and made rank lots. I scanned them all in and made lots of essentially the same 8 patches over and over again. I wanted to make sure the buyer got the exact same patches as were in the image so I didn’t use the multiple quantity option. Now to wait and see how long it takes to sell some.


After I hit publish on this issue I’m going to work on the 1950s and 60s rank lots and then move to position patches. These lots are kinda tedious to put together but it makes more sense than trying to sell each patch for $3-$4 with the fee structure on eBay.


The other area I’m going to tackle today is an idea to list some patches that I have ridiculous quantities of. Things like 50 miler patches, historic trails, mile swim etc. Again using this strategy to lot them up and move them in bulk I hope to reduce the quantity of unlisted death piles in my warehouse.


I currently have 246 live auctions on eBay. Many of these are neckerchiefs with a mixture of Philmont pieces, pins and stuff from a Baltimore collection.


I noticed today that eBay has rolled out some new features for store owners. One of these attempts to give a little bit of social proof to buyers but for me is a vanity plate as well. On the home page of your eBay store they now give a number which I can only assume is the lifetime number of sales you’ve had on eBay. (pending confirmation on that) Mine is at 102k right now which feels about right. I’ve had over 65000 feedback left (not all of it counts toward my feedback rating) so if you told me that about 2/3 of people leave feedback I’d say that’s pretty good.




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