Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 2, 2018

1937 National Jamboree Unboxing Video

Here is something readers can look forward to. The next issue of the Hot Finds will feature the first new episode of my podcast in a year! For episode #83 I interviewed Bill Topkis and Jeff Morley regarding the course they are leading at the Philmont Training Center for Scouting historians next summer. More details in the next issue – Tuesday!

Friday before leaving the office I filmed an unboxing video for a time capsule collection that I was excited to get in. I love collections where you can see that it’s just all the Scout’s stuff undisturbed from many years ago. In this case it was a Scout from New Jersey who attended the 1937 National Jamboree.

His daughter reached out to me and agreed to sell me the collection.  Thankfully her father kept everything including his diary, letters, including a log of who he traded with at the event.  Maybe my favorite piece (ok other than his shoulder flash) was some Spanish moss that Scouts from Mississippi had wrapped in cellophane and swapped at the Jamboree.

It was ironic that I opened this box the same day that I interviewed Bill and Jeff in regards to the Historian Summit they are doing.  This collection would fit right into their course as my goal now becomes to keep this stuff together and let it tell a story.

I have over 250 live auctions running including several dozen that are ending tonight. I’m running auctions on OA flaps, items on consignment from a GA OA collection and some North Carolina pieces from another consignor. I still believe in auctions for my selling strategy and hopefully I’ll keep a bunch of new ones coming every week.

I have reworked the Charlotte TOR page to move it over to my main website. It really belongs there now that I have updated the TOR calendar and invested some time and money improving





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