Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 08, 2020



Next week I’ve been asked by John Pleasants to present a quick overview of collecting Senior Scouting memorabilia on the digital cracker barrel. This is an area I got deep into about 5 years ago. With some help from Russel Smart I added needs and now I’m sitting with a pretty good collection. If you want to get in on the fun email John Plesants to get on the invite list which is Monday at 8 PM eastern.


I posted a picture of this frame rack in the Facebook group to get some ideas from the carpenters on how to build one. I have a room in my warehouse that is kinda the collection work room. I’d like to build some of these to hold Boxware/Ryker mounts where I can easily access them. The idea is to have one frame for lots of different events like NOACs, Jamborees, High Adventure etc. If they are in an easy slide out holder I can label all of them and easily get to everything. I think with some helpful comments I’ve figured out how to re-engineer this design.


The other part about making a frame for each national event is that it gives me a reason to keep some of the cool paperwork I’ve accumulated. So for example for the 1937 Jamboree I have some cool pictures and advertisements that go beyond just the standard patch and neckerchief. But for these events I’m not a checklist collector so I’ll decide when I’m happy with the frame and call it finished.


This week on eBay I am auctioning off vintage OA event patches and SAPs on my santeeswapper account with 242 live auctions. At the same time on ScoutPatchHQ I am continuing to sell a nice 1950s collection. I’ve now turned to OA pieces including some really nice odd shapes and flaps among the 45 live auctions.


With luck today I’ll finish organizing my OA name/number flap collection. The way I’m doing it is very tedious (my patch OCD). But any day that I get to play with my patches is a good one in my book.




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