Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 10, 2019

In this video I took the advice of several collectors who left feedback. One change was doing it on night when people were able to watch instead of during the work day. The other change was having a wide variety of items. If you are on Facebook you can watch the replay of the live sale and of course everything that is still unsold can be purchased by simply commenting SOLD in the video.

I got word yesterday that the Santee Lodge TOR (January 5, 2020) has been cancelled. I was told it was due to a lack of registrations. Although sad to see it cancelled I was glad they made the call a month early so people could adjust their plans. I will make the offer again that any TOR organizer who wants to jump on a 5 minute phone call with me let’s do it. I can record that as an interview and get a little commercial made (for free!) to help the cause and get more people to your show.

The next video I will do is most likely going to be the beginning of selling a 1,000 piece OA flap collection completely through FB live sales. I got this collection before the summer and it’s been in a corner of the warehouse since then. So this sounds like a great time to break it out and offer it up for sale.

My mother is visiting this week and today she is in the office helping me on some patch projects. I’ve got a bunch of patches from a collection in plastic pages and she is stripping those out so I can scan them. We’ve got some Christmas music playing and I think a trip out for lunch is in the works. Doesn’t get much better than that at the warehouse!

Just in case you wondered how the phone drama at the Spangler household turned out we did get resolution last night. To recap my daughter who already was asking for a new phone for Christmas had shattered her screen over the weekend. I did my homework and last night we switched to Verizon taking advantage of a generous holiday deal they had going. So Santa came early for Sophia last night and she was extremely happy that her dad was generous. In the car we heard the Tom Petty song “Don’t do me like that” and I teased her that she would be singing that too after I got the phone situation settled. To her surprise Santa and his elves got her a better phone than she was asking for.



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