Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 08, 2019

Tonight at 7 PM Eastern I am going to run a new live sale video on Facebook. Thank you to several collectors who sent feedback on the first attempt at this new feature. I’m trying to incorporate those ideas into this new sale. For starters I’m doing it at a time that should be much more convenient for most collectors to tune into. There might still be an NFL game going on but at least most people are free at that time.

I also wanted to share some things from the TOR. Every item I took to the TOR (24 feet of tables worth) was not listed for sale anywhere on the Internet. I kept telling people this is one reason you should attend a TOR. I had numerous collectors go through my bins and make large bulk purchases. For me the added plus was meeting customers that I mail packages to almost every week!

Some other take always from the TOR. It was really interesting how many people came for just 2 hours to hit the room and get home. This weekend there were a bunch of OA banquets in the section so the die hard traders made the drive. The event also had a direct conflict with a council run merit badge university so we were missing the good Scout walk in traffic. It’s just about impossible to juggle Scouting calendars with everyone and plan ahead.

This afternoon I am headed to my warehouse to unpack from the TOR and prep for the live sale. I plan on having a diverse mix of OA, camp, insignia, CSPs and mixed lots to put out there for sale. I’ll also have a few odd warehouse finds to throw up just for fun!

I got home this weekend to discover that my daughter had shattered her phone screen in the driveway. I think chances are likely this was an accident 🙂 but either way phone drama and a 15-year old is a problem that my parents never had to face. Wish us luck figuring this one out.



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