Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 4, 2014


If you look down further in this issue you can find some pictures of the display that I put up last weekend at my lodges Fall Fellowship. I’ve actually come up with a new idea to use Jensen frames (Boxware) and I’ll share it in time for Friday’s issue of the Hot Finds. Now enjoy these auction picks!

I am hoping to go see a family today that is willing to donate some used camping gear to my Girl Scout troop. I don’t know what all they have but I’m hopeful that they can help me stay on the path of making these girls campers. My daughter told me when we go again the first weekend of December she wants to stay in a tent even though the plan is to sleep in a cabin. That’s progress!

You can add Lodge 116 to the list of those coming out with 100th Anniversary flaps. The boys approved a design at the business meeting and I look for it as early as January but it could be later. We also look to have 39 people going to NOAC which would be a record for my lodge.

Funny conversation last night in our household. My daughter wants a fancy pair of boots to wear this winter and my wife says she has to pay 1/2 the cost. So the conversation turns to me and the question is “when is your next TOR?”. Sophia helped man my tables at the last show and sold $50 worth of stuff that I let her be responsible for. So now she has her eyes on the upcoming Old Hickory show in December for a chance to make her “boot $”.

My store at ScoutPatchHQ.com has lots of OA listed for sale (probably 1/2 of all the inventory is OA). If you like patches with “WWW” on them then come take a visit.





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