Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 14, 2022



Well it’s somewhat official in our house. My daughter has confirmed that she is going to come to work for dad 2 days/week this spring semester starting next week. She tried jumping through some hoops to work at other places but there always seemed to be some glitch or missed appointment. So instead she is going to help me since she mostly has a college schedule and we can make it work on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Part of the deal is that she also has to pay 1/5 of her way to Philmont this summer and so she can earn that $500 by putting in the hours helping me sort, scan and list. I did agree to have plentiful snacks at the office so there is a little bit of bribery going on there. She will be such a big help to me that I’m pretty happy things turned out this way. Over the Christmas break she worked 10 days for me and did a really good job.


Through a little glitch I accidentally launched over 100 auctions Thursday so right now I’m sitting at 408 live auctions on eBay. I believe I found about 600 items in my Shopify store that were not cross listed on eBay so I’ve moved those over too. I’m debating what the future of my Shopify Store is but I don’t have any super original ideas.


This weekend we are expecting some really bad winter weather so the family has cancelled plans to travel to Columbia and help my M-I-L out with some projects. Instead we are going to hunker down and see if we get the first good snow storm since we moved to Charlotte 5 years ago. Stay warm this weekend!




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