Blind Boy Scout New York Collection Unboxing 20 Pounds Of Surprises

In this unboxing video you are going to see the generosity of a Scouter who came across my website. After checking me out he decided he wanted to gift me his Scouting memorabilia to make sure it went to someone who would appreciate it. Of course I offered to pay the $50 postage bill but I was blown away by this kind gesture. Since unboxing the collection I made sure to give away some of the items to Scouts to get them excited about Scouting history.

This Scouter checked all the boxes – he was a Wood Badger, OA Vigil Honor and Silver Beaver recipient. Many of the items were from Rockland County Council in New York and Munsi Lodge in the OA. The collection had all kinda of cool surprises like belt buckles, neckerchiefs, hats and of course patches.




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