Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 20, 2022


I got sunburn in February if you can believe that. Sitting on the beach in a hoodie and sunglasses gave me the classic raccoon tan but it was great and I’ll take it. It’s good for the soul to sit by a campfire, make a Dutch Oven dinner and see your kid love the outdoors. Now back to the real world.


This week I’ll be getting ready for the VA Beach TOR that is taking place the last weekend of this short month. I’ve got one stop to make on the way up there but this one won’t be too bad as its on the way. I have not been to this show in a number of years so it will be good to reconnect in person with a bunch of guys.


I did pick up a nice VA collection about a month ago and targeted this date on the calendar to break it out so I would have some goodies to lay on my table. I sent in a reservation for 3 tables so plenty of room to bring the kitchen sink also known as what I can fit into my mini van.


On eBay I’ve got 271 live auctions with a bunch of those ending tonight. This run includes a bunch of vintage OA, JSPs and more.


We are headed into Charleston right now to go see some sights and catch a late lunch. Patrick has only been to the Yorktown with the Cub Scouts so he has not walked the historic downtown. He is not a history buff like his dad but he does love a good used book store.




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