Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 5, 2023


Last night I brought back from the dead an old eBay account that came with buying Best Hobby Pages. Joe started it back in 2009 but didn’t use it too much (feedback of 138). I have had access to it for years but on a whim last night I converted everything over to my information and listed my 1st item for sale to test it out.


Normally when people have more than 1 eBay store it’s so they can have a boutique store in a different category. With an everything store (most resellers) you are selling baseball cards, hand purses, and motorcycle parts in the same store. Of course, I don’t have that problem sticking strictly to one category. But I’ve been experimenting with having themed stores within the Boy Scout category. The two that I have brought online recently are OApatch which the name says it all and 5 Dollar Patch which again is kinda obvious what the theme is.


So even I can’t think of a good reason to have a second “everything” store when it comes to the Boy Scout category. You could do that to wall off stuff from consignors. I believe TSPA and maybe a few others do this to keep their own stuff separate from stuff that they are selling for others. But honestly, I don’t do much consignment these days. I could do it to test a strategy like 99 cent auctions or free shipping or running huge sales (like the guy that prices his stuff through the moon and discounts it 75%). All of those seem pretty gimmicky to waste the time and effort on.


In the main Patchblanket eBay Store, I have 235 auctions running with some ending tonight including some really good camp and OA items. A few of them are pictured in this block. My OApatch account has 100 auctions running with some good ones ending tonight.








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