Boy Scout Blind Patch Trade Explained

At first glance the idea of a blind trade sounds like an oxymoron. How can you trade patches blind? No offense to those that have problems with their vision. But yes in the Boy Scout hobby we do have blind trades and they do work. In this video I explain how these are organized and why you might consider participating. In the next two weeks I’ll be wrapping up my 4th blind trade as an organizer. Launching a blind trade is not for rookies as it’s really a science to try and make all the participants happy with what they get in return. Here is a link to the guidelines I am using for the current blind trade. My thoughts here is that it’s better to put it in writing to set the expectation clearly for everyone involved. Please leave comments below if you have had good success with these blind trades or would like to offer tips to go along with the video.




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